My Fräulein.
Falling asleep in your clothes Pouring out cereal to find the prize Blowing bubbles Double dares Blanket fort Coloring with crayons
Lemonade stand Blowing seeds off a dandelion Playing in the mud Sock-skating on the floor Sticking out your tongue Treehouse
Wearing clothing with your name on it Chasing bubbles blown by someone else Day camp Decorating Easter eggs Diving

into a leaf pile
Watching an animated movie at a theater
Creek- hiking Catching snowflakes on your tongue Alphabet song Catching fireflies Roller-skating Swimming in floaties
Climbing a tree Someone reads a story to you Sleeping with a stuffed animal Jumping in a puddle Visiting the zoo Carving a pumpkin
Water fight while washing the car Unscrewing an Oreo to eat it Eating dessert before dinner Trick-or-treat Making a flower crown Rolling on the grass